Company Policies for Applications:

  1. Anyone 18 years of age or older must fill out an application.
  2. All rental applications must be submitted with the following. 
    1. $35.00 non-refundable application fee in cash or money order
    2. Photocopy of driver’s license or state ID
    3. Copy of employment paystubs or other verifiable income for the last 3 months.
    4. ALL APPLICANTS must fill out a profile on

(All documents listed above must be turned in with the application before it can be processed. Incomplete applications will not be processed, and no incomplete applications will hold a property.)

  1. Background qualifications are as follows You must make 2 times the rent amount. 
    1. Credit
      1. Credit scores (based off FICA score)
        1. 625 and above deposit equal to a month’s rent amount
        2. 575 – 624 deposit of 1.5 x of the rent.
        3. 574 and below deposit of 2x the rent amount and possible denial based on credit alone. 
      2. **** Cosigners applications will be processed under the same process. 

         (Deposits are equal to the rent amount but are not to be used as rent, it is a TRUE SECURITY DEPOSIT)

    2. Criminal Background
      1. We abide by all city, county, and State codes and regulations. This includes HUD guidelines. 
      2. Criminal is checked off of several factors including but not limited to:
        1. Length of time since conviction.
        2. Seriousness of crime.
        3. Manufacture or distribution of controlled substances.
      3. We us individual assessments.
      4. We only evaluate conviction records not arrest records.
    3. Evictions
      1. Evictions for nonpayment are an automatic disqualification unless the amount owed has been paid in full and is verifiable. 
      2. Evictions for anything else must be 3 years old or older and the judgment or damages owed to previous landlord must be settled in full. Please discuss this before applying. 
    4. Rental References
      1. We must have addresses of where you have lived for the past 4 years.
      2. Rental history must be verifiable. It is the sole responsibility of the perspective tenant to have or find current information for previous landlords including name and/or company name and a current phone number as well as the correct rental address.
      3. Unverifiable or negative rental references may result in denial of application or increased deposit. Fraudulent information will result in the denial of an application. If the information is found to be fraudulent PPMS has the right to turn it over to the property authorities and press charges if applicable. 
    5. Pets – Please check on pets prior to applying
      1. ALL APPLICANTS must complete a profile on
      2. Pets are an additional fee; the pet screening rate is listed at
      3. If you don’t have a pet or your animal is an ESA or service animal, there is no fee.
      4. ESAs and service animals MUST have a profile.
        If you have questions about applications, please talk to a Broker before applying. Application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you are denied or decide not to take a property, we will not refund the application fee.
  2. Applications take 2 to 5 business days to process depending on the availability of the contacts listed on the applications. It is the applicants’ responsibility to follow up on any references that do not respond. 
  3. Upon approval of the application, minimum of ½ the deposit will be due within 48 hours to hold the rental property. If the applicant(s) is approved and decides not to take the rental, the application fee and the deposit are non-refundable if you do not move in.
    1. All of the deposit will be taken including any extra deposits that are charged. 
    2. Residences will only be held for no more than 7 days from approval of application or date vacant, whichever is later. 
  5. If tenancy starts after the first day of the month, then the pro-rated rent for the month is due before moving in. 
  6. The first month’s rent, application fee and deposit will be accepted in cash, money order or bank / cashier’s check ONLY. No personal checks or two – party checks.
  7. All vehicles must be licensed and operational. 

Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted. Once an application is processed, we will NOT refund any application fees.

Please note all our properties are NO SMOKING inside and we observe Federal Law and do NOT allow marijuana, in any form, on any of our properties (including but not limited to smoking, growing, buying, selling, trading or cooking).

Proficient Property Management Services, INC

Kim Martin